No matter what group I’m speaking to – big or small, informal or formal, professional or community – I only have two goals:

#1 – Someone learns something they can apply, which helps them make a change in their life.  The change can be large, or it can be seemingly small; just as long as it helps them make progress towards the life they really want to live.

#2 – I piss off someone.

What? I know! Right?  But yes, I’d like to know that, after hearing me speak, they are upset.

Why? Simple, really.   You can’t please everyone.  And, if they are annoyed, it’s because the talk was so effective that they got the message, even if they didn’t like it.

So – Who do I work with?  I speak at women’s conferences, young women’s workshops, Bible studies, business events and meetings, small more intimate groups, larger more epic events, etc. – ANY PLACE WHERE WOMEN (and men) WANT TO GET CLEAR ON WHAT THEY WANT AND THEN GO AFTER IT.


Stop Faking it and Start Actually Making It –

Habit Rabbit – Create That Habit You Need or Want Now

Move Your Ass! – How to Successfully Take Action on Your Goals

Let Me Change Your Mind – How to Think Better for a Better Life

See Into the Future – Vision Board Workshop

I HAVE SEVERAL CHRISTIAN SPECIFIC KEYNOTES – Please contact me for details. And I promise, I’ll keep it clean! 🙂

(Personalized keynotes are available upon request and with advanced notice)

If you want to have me speak at your event, business meeting, or to your group, head over to my contact page and make it happen!

I charge $3000 for a 50 minute keynote. $1500 for a 25 minute keynote.

The Vision Board Workshops are priced per participant, based on the total number of participants expected – so contact me for pricing on those, as well as dates, times, etc.

Long Distance engagements must be negotiated for a fee to include travel and per diem. Contact me for further discussions.

Yes, Of Course I have a deposit and full payment schedule. Go to my contact page – hit me up with what you need from me, and we WILL get you taken care of.


What People Have Said:

CL – “This girl can teach!”

AB – “(She’s) a natural. Wow! Loved it.”

DSB – “Humor. Solid information. And best yet, I not only know what to do, I know how to apply it. Thank you, so much!”