Make It Happen Course

Are you hoping that 2018 will be a better year?

Are you hoping / praying / believing / begging God that it JUST HAS TO BE BETTER?

What if, instead of just hoping it’s going to be better – YOU DECIDE IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC!

And then you make it happen.

I’m looking for 20 women who are tired of hoping for something better.

I’m looking for women – for YOU – who are ready to make the decision to make 2018 a great year.

How are you going to do that? Why, I am soooooo glad that you asked! LOL!

Make It Happen Now… Creating your Epic Badass Life. A course for creating an epic year!

Thru this course you are going to get the coaching I usually reserve for one on one clients – the coaching that has enabled women just like you to do WHATEVERTHEFUCK they wanted. And, they have:

  • Trained for and run half marathons
  • Lost a combined weight of ovr 300 pounds
  • Started small businesses
  • Trained for and run full marathons
  • Gotten out of bad relationships
  • Found (her) soulmate
  • Made the money they needed and wanted
  • Gone back to college to pursue dream careers
  • Written a total of 7 books
  • Remodeled and redecorated (her) home, after making the money to do it
  • Became a teacher
  • Is becoming a health and wellness coach / trainer

This training has allowed me, personally, to do many things I have wanted, like:

  • Lost 80 pounds so far (and still counting!)
  • Written four books (soon to be published)
  • Am writing a new book of my grandma’s wisdom and recipes, taught to me live and in person in her kitchen while cooking (when I was a kid)
  • Got out of a profoundly abusive relationship, and cleared out (am clearing out) the mental and emotional trauma from it
  • Began, and run a successful Life Coaching Business
  • THIS YEAR – I AM going to travel, train for a marathon, take dancing classes, start horse riding, start dating (scary shit, right there!), and take cooking classes, PLUS write write write and coach coach coach…. I may even try my hand at a musical instrument or learning a language or two (oooo aaahhhh).

Okay – so specifics:

There will be four live videos, done in a private FB group. During these videos I will teach each module, then open it up for live coaching specific to YOU (first come first serve, as time allows). They will begin after the New Year, so we can start the year right!

The Private FB group will be there, so we can all support each other on this journey, ask questions, and even get coaching direct from me. The videos will remain up “forever” so you can view them over and over, or if you can’t attend one of them live. (Forever meaning, I may in the future take them down and put them on a membership site, which you will automatically have access to.)

BONUS video (or two, as needed) all one on one coaching live in the group. Your questions answered, encouragement and support, tips tricks and hacks – all given live.

1 – You’ll learn how to choose a goal that you want to achieve – this goal will be in line with your values, your desires, and “You’re Big Picture”.

When a goal is in total alignment with every aspect of your life, it’s easier to achieve. You’re so excited about it, you can’t wait to work on it. You know it’s not only exactly what you want, it’s also what you need to make the progress in your life that you want.

And when a goal is in alignment with you, in every way, there’s no stopping you from achieving it!

2 – You’ll learn how to create a 90 day plan, for each of your goals. This is so important. 90 Days is long enough to achieve something significant, yet short enough to stay focused.

The 90 Day plan isn’t just about breaking down the goal into smaller pieces. It’s about daily actionable steps that move the needle forward towards completion.

You’ll learn the habits and behaviours you’ll need to succeed in your plans, and how to implement them along with your goals, so it’s not double the work, but rather one magnifying the results of the other.

You’ll also have a 12 month plan, from which you can pull your next 90 day plan, and so on. You’ll have the whole year mapped out and ready for you to CRUSH IT!

3 – Vision Boards are so much fun! Everyone knows they need one. Everyone knows they work.

Yet vision boards don’t work for everyone.

Well, you’re going to learn how to make them, so they DO WORK.

You’ll learn how to create a vision board that inspires you, motivates you, and excites you.

Hint: it’s not just about a bunch of pretty pictures.

BONUS: You’ll learn my secret strategy for (practically) guaranteeing success with your goals and dreams, and it involves your vision board.

4 – Mindset Mindset Mindset

No. This isn’t the Brady Bunch.

This is the key component to success.

We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all have desires, wants, needs, and “oh please oh please yes yes I want it let me have it now.” However, we all have also faced the sad truth that not all our goals have come true. WE haven’t come thru for our goals. We failed. BTW – so what? You failed. So what? You learned what doesn’t work. Now you can learn what DOES WORK.

Mindset is everything! We will not only find those things that have been stopping / blocking / and shorting out your plans, we will deal with them.  You’ll discover your limiting beliefs, your fears, your doubts, and your reasons “why not”, and learn how to deal with these, to get around them, to “handle that shit” so you can go on to actually achieve your goals this time!

We’ll also cover how to keep going when you’re discouraged, out of energy or ambition, or when you receive criticism that knocks the wind out of you.

We are going to make you an indominable person this year!

Don’t let another year go by, come to the end, and face the End of Year / New Year Suck again! THIS IS YOUR TIME.

Start now and get a leg up on January.

I want you to succeed. You want to succeed. You’re tired of the “End of Year Suck.” You’re tired of the “New Year’s Resolutions Suck”. You ARE ready to make a change, to make it happen this time. No more excuses. No more procrastination. No more stuck.

Let’s work together to make it happen for you. Join me now.

Courses like this normally sell for around $1200. Because this is my first digital course, and it’s Christmas time, I’m gifting it to you for just one payment of $497, or 3 payments of $175. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!

One Payment of $497


Three installments of $175 each (you will pay the first payment of $175. Each payment after that, you will receive a separate email with a link to pay. If you do not make your payment right away, your course will be suspended. If you agree to this, click the button below.)

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