Imagine:  Your friend invites you out to a party.  Instead of nervous and anxious, you’re actually excited and looking forward to it.

Imagine:  You’re walking into a business meeting feeling prepared and ready.   You aren’t worried about what anyone is thinking, or whether or not your input will be good enough.

Better still, imagine anything you want:

– that person you want to talk to

– that job you want

– that promotion you deserve

– the business you want to start

– the business you actually have and want to build

– what about that book you want to write

– or the weight you want to drop for good this time

– or to finally get some damn clarity and figure out what the hell you want!!

What’s the thing you want to do?

Together we will figure out what’s stopping you, and how to overcome it.  By using proven tools and techniques we will move you thru your fears, doubts, and your blocks. We will help you find clarity where you need clarity.

Before you realize it, you will be taking more and more action.  In no time, you will be making bigger and bolder moves.

You will finally have the confidence you have always wanted. You will finally find direction. You will finally be moving forward towards your goals and even your dreams.

You will be living the life you always wanted and deep down know you deserve.

Let’s get started. To work with me, head over to my contact page and make it happen!

Right now I am offering 12 week (3 months) programs. I know that sounds like a REALLY long time, but it’s not. I mean, you didn’t get where you are in a day, and you won’t get out of it in a day. Right? Right. So …

12 weeks – weekly 1 on 1 calls, email support, and a program of clarity, destroying blocks, and progress towards what you desire. The full program is $1500. And Yes, Of Course, I have a payment plan. I LOVE payment plans – almost as much as I love working with my amazing clients.

Again I say – Head over to my contact page. Let’s get started. 


What People Have Said:

LAC – “Talking with Kathleen was great! I was procrastinating. I didn’t want t to be stuck anymore. After just a couple of sessions, I had a plan, and ways to help me act on that plan. Awesome.”

IMG – “Being stuck is so frustrating! I got a great plan (from Kathleen) so I could finally move forward. It was like someone lowering a ladder into the pit I was in. I was able to climb out, step by step. Perfect.”

JO – “Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that aren’t crazy. It takes your confidence from 0 to 100. Figuring out the next step was worth more than gold! Thanks.”