This page is all about me. That sounds, and feels, incredibly vain. But I guess it’s okay because you’re here to find out who I am and whether I’m qualified to speak about mindset.

So – First, the basics:

Kathleen Greene. Mindset Mentor and Coach. Thinks clowns are creepy. Award-Winning Author. Keynote Speaker / Teacher. Former Personal Trainer. Coffee obsessed. Living in Houston, Texas, USA. Love the band 30 Seconds to Mars. Miss the old Bugs Bunny Cartoons. Published first work at 12 years old. Published my first book at 24 years old. Previously run five successful businesses. And yes, I cover the camera on my laptop.

What I offer you is all my years of extensive research, experience, and continued practice. I don’t teach anything I haven’t done, or at least tried. My gramma taught me, “never trust a skinny chef.” You shouldn’t either. Unless you’re trying to lose weight, and then an overweight chef might not be such a good idea. But, you know, otherwise – don’t trust a skinny chef.

What do you want? Probably what everyone else wants, too. You want to save time. You want to get to the punchline without a long, overblown story. You need the shortcuts and the hacks. YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE NOW – not in six months or a year. Right?

Now what you’re asking is: how did you, Kathleen, come about all this information you are going to share with me?

After a painful divorce from an abusive spouse, I had to start all over again. Like most women in my position, I had to find a way to support myself. I also needed to take care of myself and my partially disabled mother, while figuring out who the hell I was / am / will be. I not only had to move forward, but I also had to heal from the relationship and all that happened during that time.

Early in this recent journey I realized I needed to figure out why I went from an abusive childhood to an abusive marriage. How is it that I ended up in the same situation, when it was so horrible the first time? How and why does an intelligent woman keep repeating these patterns?

My one true saving grace is that I have always been fascinated with, and studied constantly, how the human brain works. How do we think and why do we think that way, is just some of the research I have done. Self-help. Personal Development. Neuroscience. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Abuse survival. Cult survival, extraction, and recovery. All of it, and more.

Trying to understand my own patterns of behavior led me to become obsessed with behavior and thinking. How are they linked? Why do we keep doing the same stupid shit? Why don’t we change when we want to? Is it really a matter of just wanting it badly enough?

And most importantly, why do women love chocolate more than sex?!?

More than 20 years of study, with a recent VERY focused period of study has led me, now, to you. I want to help you avoid all the crap I went thru. I want to help you move thru it faster if you are already in it. I want to share because my mom taught me right.

I have self-study courses and workbooks. There are blog posts. You can contact me with your questions. I’m here. You’re here. We may as well be here together. Right?

By the way, I still don’t know why women love chocolate more than sex. Sorry. If you figure it out, please let me know. I think it would be useful information.

So, um… yeah. That’s me and what I can offer you.

A LITTLE BUSINESS: All the experts tell you that your “about me” page is also a sales page. So, here’s the sales part.

Please buy my stuff. I have bills to pay. Thanks.

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